Wednesday – May 8

6:00 PM    Wednesday Night in the Park – Children
                  GO Forth
                  Falls Creek Signup Party – Youth

Friday Activities – May 10

9:30 AM  Master Design Choir Practice
                Afterwards, Top Golf in Okla City 

Sunday Activities – May 12 “Mother’s Day”

8:30 AM    Early Worship Service
9:30 AM    First Family Fellowship
9:45 AM    Bible Study for all ages
11:00 AM  Late Worship Service
                  TV Broadcast of Previous Sunday Service (Pioneer Cable TV Channel 15O)
4:00 PM    Master Design Choir (will not meet May 12)

Monday Activities – May 13 

9:30 AM Staff Meeting
5:30 PM {2nd Monday of the month} Compassion Clinic (ConNEXTion Building)

Wednesday Activities – May 15

6:00 PM GO Visitation
                Elevate Student Ministry (ConNEXTion)
7:00 PM Kingfisher High School Baccalaureate – APB